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Vetri Cucina Chef Series: Sous Chef Michael Karas

Wednesday, March 15, 2023  |  6:30PM
$275 includes gratuity and sommelier selected wine
Limited to 18 guests

Join Sous Chef Michael Karas for an intimate evening in our upstairs private dining room, where you'll get to pick his brain and enjoy a multi-course menu of his own unique design.

Three main components will distinguish this event: Michael's Greek roots, the Italian influences he's picked up along the way, and a deep appreciation for the art of hip hop. Living by the philosophy, "φιλοξενία"(philoxenia), translating to "friend to the stranger", he believes in treating everyone, even strangers, as guests in his home. A shining example of hospitality that he embodies through work and daily life. Reigning from a family of amazing cooks, Michael's grandmother, Yiayia Athena, had the biggest influence on him. From learning how to be resourceful by creating a meal with whatever was on hand, to seasoning the food with love, he would watch her cook with admiration and carried those lessons with him through life. Whether stranger or friend we invite you this unforgettable event.

*Communal Seating

*Food allergies and dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated

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