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Truffle Festival 2022 – Sunday, December 4th

Sunday, December 4, 2022  |  6:30PM
$995 Includes Piedmont wine pairing and gratuity
Limited to 37 guests

Truffle Festival is back!
This exclusive event will feature a lavish multi-course meal of antipasti, pastas, meats, fish, cheeses and indulgent desserts - all masterfully created to enhance and highlight the guest of honor: the white truffles from Alba. Chef Marc Vetri will be donning a tuxedo and white gloves, to shave truffles tableside on each and every course

* Guests will be seated communally.

* Dietary restrictions and food allergies cannot be accommodated for this event.

Menu (subject to change)
1st Course: King Crab with Clarified Truffle Butter and Celtuce Salad
2nd Course: Rabbit Pitivier with Truffle Bechamel and Frisee
3rd Course: Gorgonzola Plin with Brown Butter and Saba
4th Course: Tajarin with Cauliflower Crema
5th Course: Halibut Cheek with Artichoke and Bagna Cauda
6th Course: Hay Roasted Prosciutto Cotto
7th Course: Citrus Sorbet with Candied Kumquat
8th Course: Chestnut Souffle with Truffle Creme Anglaise

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