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Wine Dinner

An Evening with Mattia Scarbolo of Scarbolo Wines

Monday, March 4, 2019  |  6:30PM
$225 Includes hospitality fee and wine pairing.
Limited to 18 guests

Known for growing and vinifying native Friulian varietals and international varietals that thrive in the Friuli terroir, Valter Scarbolo and his family have been working hard to produce structured and elegant wines that represent the distinct characteristics of their native land since planting their first vineyards in the 1980s on the right bank of the river Torre.

Valter inherited a passion for winemaking from his father’s interest in viticulture and from helping out with his small farm. Ever since the birth of the winery, Scarbolo’s philosophy has been very clear: contribute to a wine culture surpassing easy generalizations and fast trends that don’t belong to the world of farming. They have consciously invested in an area of Friuli that, for a long time, has been considered only capable of "quantity" wines, despite its amazing soil characteristics. Their densely planted vines promote low yields, and rigorously implemented sustainability practices demonstrate their commitment to the land and the environment. They do not believe in indigenous varietals as obscurely elitist, but as exotic and still capable of reaching well-educated or still-educating palates. They also use international varieties, but stick to traditional and detailed vinification processes.

Envisioned and designed by Valter, Scarbolo’s logo resembles the wheels of a traditional plow, which represent the the family's constant growth and desire to improve. One wheel represents Scarbolo’s past and ancestors, one is for Valter and his wife Grazia, and one stands for Mattia and Lara Scarbolo, the new generation.

*Dietary restrictions and allergies cannot be accommodated*

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