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Passover Dinner

Sunday, April 21, 2024  |  5:30PM
$350 includes Passover inspired dinner, wine, and gratuity
Limited to 22 guests

Buon Pesach!


Italy has one of the oldest Jewish communities in all of Europe. For 22 centuries, Jews in Italy have melded Jewish traditions with Italian influences. Historically, Venice was the primary hub for Italian Jews, however, the food culture has been heavily influenced by Rome. The tradition of Seder remains the same with the integration of Italian styled dishes.


Our chef team is excited to pull from personal experience, draw from tradition, and reference the Italian-Jewish culture to produce a unique Passover-inspired dinner for our guests.


Stuzzichini: Bresaola, Chicken Liver Rosti, Marinated Artichokes, Deviled Eggs

Primo: Madai Crudo| beets, horseradish

Secondo: Insalata alla Sephardita | asparagus, watercress, lemon, dill, egg

Terzo: Matzoh Ball Soup

Quarto: Risi e Bisi - spring pea risotto 

Quinto: Lamb Rack | potato & ramp gratin

Sesto: Torta Caprese


* The aforementioned menu is subject to change. Please note this meal will not be fully kosher. 

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