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Local Farm Dinner with Primal Supply Meats

Tuesday, July 18, 2017  |  6:30PM
$185 (Inclusive of hospitality fee)
Limited to 18 guests
Optional Wine Pairing $90.00 (Wine by the glass and additional beverages available the night of)

Heather Marold Thomason is a whole-animal butcher and the founder of Primal Supply Meats, a company committed to sourcing direct from local farmers to provide sustainable, pasture-raised meat to Philadelphia. Primal Supply supports farmers who raise animals in natural, healthy environments and manage their land responsibly. The farmers never use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and every animal is treated humanely. At Vetri, we have been proud to feature products from Primal Supply Meats on our menu and are thrilled to have Heather in Vetri Cucina to host this event.

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