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Wine Dinner

Krug Champagne Dinner

Sunday, December 29, 2019  |  6:00PM
$395 Includes hospitality fee, multi-course dinner, and Krug Champagne wine pairing
Limited to 18 guests

Menu & Wine Pairing:

Welcoming Reception: Krug Gran Cuvee, 375mL

Tuna Crudo with Uni, Caviar & Parmesan
Krug Gran Cuvee, 750mL

Fritto Misto with 'Nduja
Krug Gran Cuvee, 1.5L

Tajarin with Leeks & Hazelnuts
Krug 2004

Potato Gnocchi with Oysters & Pancetta
Krug 2006

Cod with Chicories & Bone Marrow
Krug Rose

Citrus with Zabaglione

*Dietary restrictions, allergies, and food preferences cannot be accommodated for this event.

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