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Il Tartufo

Thursday, November 19, 2015  |  6:30PM
$450 (Hospitality Included) A wine pairing will be available for an additional $100 per person.
Limited to 21 guests

No singular ingredient inspires more obsession amongst food lovers than the white truffle. Truffles are a savory and rare delicacy that chefs and diners around the world covet each year. Treasured by Italian chefs for centuries, the truffle remains a premium ingredient in Italian cuisine.

The fresh white Alba truffles from Piedmont, Italy are especially valued for their powerful, yet extraordinarily delicate aroma, and are highly sought after due to their limited harvest. These truffles grow in the wild, with weather fluctuations creating an unpredictable yield each season.

Timed with the pinnacle of the truffle season, our dinner is an annual occasion that’s not to be missed. The multi-course menu will feature Vetri Cucina’s unique integration of white truffle on four of the courses. An exquisite wine pairing, chosen to highlight the best of Italy’s Piedmont region, will be available for an additional $100 pp.

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