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Forchetta Sbagliata: Jewish-Italian Cooking

Tuesday, September 12, 2023  |  6:30PM
Limited to 8 guests

Food plays a role in our sense of identity. While it's not something that we explicitly talk about on a regular basis, it comes up through memory, travel, spies, or senses. The Jewish food of Italy is an integral part of the history and culture of the Jews in Italy.

For this installation of Forchetta Sbagliata, Executive Chef Jacob Rozenberg and Sous Chef Casey Bayer will intertwine traditional Italian Jewish dishes with cultural experiences and family heritage.

The Jewish community of Italy is small but it bodes a rich history. Italian ingredients and dishes with unexpectedly Jewish roots include eggplant (eggplant parmigiana, pasta alla norma), artichoke (stuffed artichokes, Jewish-syle fried artichokes), sweet ricotta treats (Jewish New York-style cheesecake likely derives from Italian ricotta cheesecake). To name a few!

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