A Night in Sardinia: Regional Dinner


A Night in Sardinia: Regional Dinner

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Friday, August 28, 2015 | 6:30PM
$185.00 per person plus tax
Limited to 18 guests

Join us for a tasting tour of the varietals of Sardinia, the Mediterranean's paradisiacal island off Italy’s west coast. Known for their progressive and dynamic wine industry, this has been a prized region since the times of the ancient Greeks.

We will be exploring wines produced from the extraordinary Cannonau—one of the principal grapes in the island, and also a relative of the more commonly known Granacha that flourishes in the island's warm & dry conditions, hilly terrain, and volcanic soil.

In recent times, Sardinia has been recognized as having one of the highest concentrations of centenarians in the world, attributed to their Mediterranean diet in general, and also to the elevated antioxidant properties found in the unique and delicious indigenous grapes of the island.

A multi-course dinner prepared by our private dining room Chef Matt Buehler paired with Sardinian wines by Dusan Vranic (Head Sommelier at Standard Grill Restaurant, Manhattan, NYC) . The evening begins with a reception accompanied by amuse bouche and prosecco. Included in the ticket price is all food, beverage, tax, and gratuity, as well as piccolo pasticceria to ensure you departs on a sweet note.


Stuzzichini (hors d'oeuvre)


1st course: Zuppa gallurese

Wine: Sella e Mosca Vermentino La Cala

2nd course: Burrida

Wine: Argiolas Rose

3rd course: Curliognes w/sweetbreads and corn

Wine: Fuso 21 Vermentino

4th course: Gnocchi Sardi w/ saffron and bone marrow

Wine: Mesa Primo Carignano

5th course: Porcedue  ( roasted pig)

Wine: Argiolas Korem

6th course: Sebadas w/ sheeps milk ricotta gelato

Wine: la cantina Dettori Chimbanta

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Cooking Class

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Cooking Class

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