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Beverage Class

Sommelier Series: DOC Dropouts | Sunday, December 1st

Sunday, December 1, 2019  |  12:00PM
$150 Hospitality fee, multi-course lunch and wine pairing
Limited to 18 guests

Do you know how many rules are involved in labelling a bottle of wine "Chianti," or "Valpolicella"? A lot! The Italian DOC system has been viewed by some winemakers as more trouble than it's worth - and some rules are meant to be broken! This class will focus on the renegade winemakers that decided to leave behind the strict labelling laws of the DOC to make the wines they truly want to make. Join us for an afternoon of wine tasting and learning, while enjoying a multi-course meal prepared by our chefs in our private dining room. Let's drink to these rebels without a cause!

*Dietary restrictions, allergies, and food preferences cannot be accommodated.

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