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Cooking Demonstration

Vetri Cucina Chef Series: Executive Sous Chef Jacob Rozenberg

Monday, February 17, 2020  |  6:30PM
$195 Includes house wine and hospitality fee
Limited to 11 guests

Get to know Vetri Cucina by getting to know our chefs in this exciting new Chef Series! Join Executive Sous Chef Jacob Rozenberg for an intimate evening at the chef's counter in our upstairs private dining room, where you'll get to pick his brain and enjoy a multi-course menu of his own unique design!

From Osteria to Alla Spina to Vetri Cucina, Chef Jacob, an upstate New York native, has been a familiar face to Vetri fans for over ten years now! You might recognize him from his usual spot at the main dining room slicer, slicing one of his prized, house-made salumi, or you may have attended one of his many pasta classes. He attributes his love of food to growing up sharing holiday meals with those closest to him. He's a soup guy. He's a mustard enthusiast. You can always count on him to spread the holiday schmear. Outside of the kitchen, Chef Jacob likes to swim and play the piano, and he and his wife, Sarah, love going on adventures with their dog.

*Dietary restrictions, allergies and strong food preferences cannot be accommodated for this event.

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