25th Anniversary

It’s hard to comprehend that 25 years ago, Jeff Benjamin and I opened this little Italian restaurant. I hoped to bring people the same joy and warmth that I experienced while living, working and experiencing the magic of Italy. After all of these years it's still as exhilarating as ever ( maybe even more) to create, reinvent and simply show up at Vetri Cucina. Cooking, helping people celebrate and being a conduit to a minuscule memory in people's lives is an honor to this day. It still gives me the greatest pleasure to see you smile and relish the moment with whomever you’re dining with.

In honor of our 25th anniversary, I want to do what I have always loved to do and what motivated me to open restaurants. Cook for people, welcome them in my home, and have a dialogue with them. So, through the next several months I’m going to do just that. Every month or so I will be announcing a small dinner cooked by me for 6 people at my upstairs chef's counter. I will cook for you, for free. (of course you can leave a tip for the server). Just you and me at the counter as if I were cooking for friends. There's one catch, I want to cook for young people in our industry who may not have had the opportunity to eat at Vetri Cucina. Please fill out the form below and let me know where you work and your aspirations in the industry. We will reach out to 6 of you ASAP. My next evening cooking will be on Monday, February 12th at 6:00PM.

Thank you Philly from the bottom of my heart and looking forward to seeing you soon!

- Marc Vetri