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Marc Vetri: Mastering Pasta

Take a look behind the scenes. The respected master of Italian cuisine finally shares his vast knowledge of pasta, gnocchi, and risotto.

Making a Tortellini Pie at Vetri Ristorante

Vetri chef de cuisine Adam Leonti shows us the restaurant's the tortellini pie.

Making Culurgiones with Vetri's Adam Leonti [Tasting Table]

Marc Vetri and Adam Leonti show how to make an antiquated (and delicious) Sardinian stuffed pasta called culurgiones.

Vetri Pasta Making Class

Go inside the kitchen with Marc Vetri as he teaches students the art of making pasta.

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Eating Italy: A Chef’s Culinary Adventure

Before award-winning chef Jeff Michaud ever opened the doors of his acclaimed Philadelphia restaurants, he spent three years in northern Italy as a culinary apprentice…

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