Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are cooking classes hands-on?

Answer: Our cooking classes are primarily Chef’s Demonstration unless stated otherwise in the class description. Your Chef/teacher is there to share his expertise with you and answer any questions you have while you watch, learn, and eat. Guests are always welcome to interact with the chef and participate in the cooking process during the class.

Q: How long are cooking classes and dinners?

Answer: Cooking classes and dinners last on average from 2.5 to 3 hours. The length of the event also depends on the evening’s topic and group.

Q: What is included in my ticket price?

Answer: Most classes and dinners include food, wines, soft beverages, tax and gratuity unless it is specified otherwise in the class description.

Q: What should I wear?

Answer: Vetri Cucina does not have dress code. Most people wear business casual attire for informal evenings like a cooking class. Others dress up for more formal occasions.

Q: What’s the cancellation policy?

Answer: Tickets are non-refundable. If you are not able to attend this event, someone else may come in your place. Seats cannot be transferred to a different event or class.

Q: Can I schedule a private class?

Answer: Absolutely, we already have a team building program running, which can be a professional team or small group! Get more information.

Q: Can participants under eighteen years old participant in events?

Answer: Yes, participants under 18 years old can attend but they must be accompanied by an adult. When applicable, a non-alcoholic drink will be given to them so they don’t feel left out.

Q: When are events posted?

Answer: Events are posted every two months. Follow us on Twitter for the latest annoucments, @vetricucina.